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GlendaPh.D. (Education)
M.Ed. (1 st class honours)
B.Ed. (Secondary Teaching)

Glenda believes that “everyone has a need to make connections, to make sense of the world, to communicate, and to participate fully in life.” She loves to share in those ‘aha’ moments when connections are made, and she can see the happiness that shows in the smiling faces.  “When the flow of learning is disrupted through unfortunate life events such as absence, illness or trauma, gaps in knowledge can occur quickly and may have serious consequences”.

After a long and rewarding career in education Glenda says “I know that learning is a two-way process.  A passion for social justice, regard for individual differences in learning, and the power of self-belief are my drivers to help our young people to learn……success in learning fosters growth in self-belief, and the confidence to recognise and follow learning opportunities.”


Helen ImageCert Teach (Secondary 4YT)
Grad Dip Arts (Leadership)

Helen came from a background that included being Head of Mathematics & Coordinator of Gifted and Talented Education, to work at our Centre in 2007 as a tutor in basic literacy & numeracy and Secondary Mathematics  & Science, becoming Administrator of the business in 2012 and owner and Director in 2016.

Helen believes that students learn best when they feel good about themselves at whatever level of achievement they have attained.

Having long believed in the concept of multiple intelligences and that each child has their own unique learning style, she knows that given enough time and access to support, students can develop their confidence to the point where they can say they did it themselves. 


Dip Teach (Primary)ineke
Grad Dip Special Education

Ineke brings a wealth of experience in primary education to the students she assists here at the Centre.  She believes that each child is a unique individual with their own special blend of strengths and weaknesses. 

Having started at our centre in April 2017, and thoroughly enjoying her time here, Ineke’s aim as a tutor she says, is to encourage each child to develop their self- esteem to a level where they are comfortable and confident within themselves.  She believes that “this, combined with the program at Al Roberts Education, allows each child to develop to their full potential.”




BEd, BA (Hons)

Natalie believes that all children have the right to access good-quality education, and that the benefits of receiving specialist tuition cannot be denied. With a passion for inclusive education, and having spent many years as a high school teacher, Natalie brings to our centre skills enabling her to communicate with, and inspire, a diverse range of students.

From ESL students, to students with learning disabilities studying English at a functional level, through to English Literature students preparing for university, Natalie brings the optimal range of qualities required to fully support Al Roberts Education Centre students in realising their exciting potential.

Committed to facilitating a nurturing learning environment, Natalie’s goal is to motivate students to be driven by their own successes and accomplishments.


"Tomorrow's Success Created Today"

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