Does It Matter If They Don't Do It? ........ Yes it Does!

We believe that setting an effective homework program for our students is very important. Numerous studies both in Australia and overseas show that students who do their homework achieve better results.

Much thought and effort is put into setting the homework for our students on a weekly basis. Our fully qualified and experienced teachers set homework that is both appropriate and challenging to help the students practise and improve their skills. This homework is marked every week and discussed with the student before setting the next week's homework.

You Can Help Us To Help Your Child

There are many things a parent can do to overcome the problem of children not doing their homework in an effective way:

  • Parents must show homework is of value by giving it a high priority in the family weekly routine.
  • Homework should be a part of the daily routine with a set time allotted to it every day. So set a time eg. 4:30pm - 5:30pm and stick to this time. Don't change it daily depending on what's come up.
  • Anything that makes homework special or inviting is a good idea. For example; have a special place for doing homework, have a special set of pencils for the younger children etc.
  • Turn the television and mobile phones OFF during homework time. No matter what they say, children cannot watch television or converse with their friends and do their homework at the same time. The same applies to unrelated use of other technology such as laptops, tablets and smartphones or iPods.
  • If some days there is no homework or not enough to fill the time allotted, then help fill it in, by talking to them about their homework, or getting them to spend time reading or improving their skills.
  • Parents should show interest and help when asked, but should never do the homework for their child. If your child can't do the homework set, please let the tutor know or contact us and discuss the situation immediately - Don't let it go!

Academic success is similar to success in other areas whether it be a sports or fitness program. There is no magic cure. Success is achievable, but it does take time and effort. Helping our students become aware of this is important. We're developing a work ethic that rewards hard work and commitment

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"Tomorrow's Success Created Today"