We provide professional after-school tutoring, Prep to Year 12 in a range of subjects including:

      • Mathematics.
      • English.
      • Other Subjects as required.

There are many children presently at school who have problems with their schoolwork. Your child may be one of them.

The Al Roberts Education Centre in Wynnum is able to help such children.

If your child is having trouble then he or she can be tutored in English and Mathematics using the tried and proven techniques by the Al Roberts Centre team. Our methods have been successful in helping children overcome problems in Spelling, Reading, English and Mathematics.

We Can Help

It is very important for children to learn the basic Reading, Writing and Numeracy skills early in their schooling. How well they learn at this stage can affect the rest of their lives. Small problems in Primary School can grow to prevent a child from succeeding in Secondary School unless they are overcome as early as possible.

In only one or two sessions per week, the Al Roberts Education Centre can help your child correct small problems before they become too big.

Each child is given a free assessment prior to start. Parental concerns are established, and the results of the assessments are discussed confidentially.

For more details and to arrange an assessment for your child, please contact us anytime. Alternatively, you may prefer to complete our online Enquiry Form.

"Tomorrow's Success Created Today"