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Cert Teach (Secondary 4YT)
Grad Dip Arts (Leadership)


Helen came from a background that included being Head of Mathematics & Coordinator of Gifted and Talented Education, to work at our Centre in 2007 as a tutor in basic literacy & numeracy and Secondary Mathematics  & Science, becoming Administrator of the business in 2012 and owner and Director in 2016.

Helen believes that students learn best when they feel good about themselves at whatever level of achievement they have attained.

Having long believed in the concept of multiple intelligences and that each child has their own unique learning style, she knows that given enough time and access to support, students can develop their confidence to the point where they can say they did it themselves. 


M Primary Education


Ashley brings to our Centre both her personal love of learning and her determination to be able to support her students in their learning needs. She actively seeks to know each individual student, listening to them, so that she can come to truly understand who each child is and what their aspirations are for the future.

Having started at our centre in June 2021, Ashley brings both her skills from her Master’s studies in education as well as her talents from her Bachelor of Fine Arts, to assist her students in their studies across the curriculum.

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