We provide a free assessment to determine the your child's learning needs and how we can best provide for these.

Time can make such a difference - tIme to build confidence and motivation, which are the most important keys to good learning.

We provide professional after-school tutoring, Prep to Year 12 in a range of subjects including; English and mathematics.

Tutoring in an online format is available for those student's whose circumstances require or would benefit from this.

Tutoring - For Academic Excellence!

Located in Wynnum West, and servicing all the surrounding Eastern suburbs, our tutoring team brings a high degree of professionalism to the Wynnum Centre and aims to achieve the very best academic results we can for your child. We provide professional after-school tutoring in Mathematics and English, Prep to Year 12 (other Subjects as required). At the core of our beliefs are:

"that all children can learn - good teachers, good programmes and a caring approach is vital"

Al Roberts


My son attended Al Roberts Education Centre and received the best tutoring he could ask for. All the teachers were friendly and approachable. The teachers would help him understand concepts being learnt at school as well as preparing him for future essays and exams. My son was finding it hard to get on top of his school work and desperately wanted to get a good OP. I honestly believe that this would not have come about if it wasn’t for the teachers at this education centre. David is about to head off to university because Al Roberts staff helped him achieve his goals. Highly recommended with no reservations.

Mandy from Wynnum West

Angela Gooch

My daughter desperately needed help in Year 12 with Maths B and the school advised us to get her a tutor. My first contact with Al Roberts put my mind at ease that we were going to get her through this challenging subject successfully. Her tutor Helen didn’t just deal with the scholastic side of things, she worked on building Holly’s confidence in herself as well. Pretty soon she realised she could do it. The tutors at Al Roberts Education have a gift for being able to explain things in a way the student can understand, using a variety of mediums. Holly passed Maths B and obtained the OP she needed to become a primary school teacher. In fact the poster at Al Roberts Education Centre which says “Our dream, is to help you achieve yours” really inspired her to become a teacher.

Our second child is currently having tutoring and basically he gets help with whatever he needs at the time, sometimes Maths, sometimes English or SOSE. The flexibility is one of the reasons we have continued with the tutoring and our son is doing much better with his grades and his confidence. If you are concerned with how your child is doing, get a free assessment done. It will either put your mInd at rest that they are doing fine, or it will identify the areas where they need some assistance. We have never regretted using Al’s capable bunch of tutors and I have no hesitation in recommending them.


We have appreciated the experience, the skill and overall caring of the tutors. They always go the extra mile.
Danielle, mother of Zoe, Year 8 and Jennifer, Year 3.


I love being able to ask questions, working at my own pace. My results have gone from C- to a B+ in Maths b in 12 months. I look forward to going to Al Roberts Centre every week.

Jack, Year 12 Maths B student.

Phil Little

Four of our kids have attended Al Roberts tutoring. Three have now finished Grade 12 and got excellent OP's that exceeded the estimates they were given at school. The fantastic help and support that Al and Helen gave them was a major part of this result. Our youngest son is just about to start Grade 11 and he will be attending Al Roberts for these next two crucial years.

We have recommended Al Roberts tutoring to many people as they've been so great to our family.

What We Do

We provide professional after-school tutoring, Prep to Year 12 in a range of subjects including:

      • Mathematics.
      • English.
      • Other Subjects as required.

Does Homework Matter?

Yes it does!

We believe that setting an effective homework program for our students is very important. Numerous studies both in Australia and overseas show that students who do their homework achieve better results.

Does Tutoring Help?

A parent came in and asked; "What can you do for my child that the school hasn't been able to do?"

That's easy. I can spend individual time with them. I can work on their needs at their level.

Let's help you!

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